Welcome to the GEF Forum on Green Entrepreneurship

Generation Europe Foundation invites young people and stakeholders to co-create a sustainable future

[Entrepreneur]: An entrepreneur is willing to venture into connecting or creating alternatives and pursuing innovation to address the needs in her or his environment.

[Green]: For a truly sustainable future, not only our natural environment must be considered: economic, social and personal needs must also be addressed.

Our Forum on Green Entrepreneurship [= GreEn] is designed to empower young people and prepare them for the massive task of shifting our world from a state of crisis to prosperity and sufficiency. We are bringing together young people, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and stakeholders from the private sector and academia to define the needs of young people and find innovative and relevant solutions.

Our Green Entrepreneurship framework document is available for download.

Become an agent of change


Voice the needs of the global youth in becoming practitioners of GreEn – share your ideas, your personal journey and experiences. Dialogue with peers from over 90 countries in a safe space. Our GreEn Blog is organised in the following categories that compose our resource center:

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We believe in the change of our economic and social paradigms from quantitative growth and exploitation to sufficiency and stewardship for our local and global systems. We are striving to create the mindshift needed to address the global challenges ahead in an open, constructive and co-creative spirit.

Share, learn and co-create in this community and you will start building up your community currency!

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Our online community has grown to over 830 members from over 95 different countries! Check out our member statistics.

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We see value in bringing people together online but also face to face. Connect with our partners and community from over 90 countries in our virtual gatherings. Identify what you, as an individual or as an organisation, can do to help young people become green entrepreneurs. Last December, 30 young entrepreneurs & practitioners followed the call to convene in Brussels to participate in the GreEn Forum Workshop.

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It’s all about co-creation and not reinventing the wheel! Building on and with our partners to co-develop a joint vision of a sustainable future and a roadmap on how to get there.

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Our GreEn calendar is your opportunity to add upcoming events related to green entrepreneurship! Add your event and spread it through the GreEn Community!

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Our actors database is the perfect place to showcase your GreEn Organisation or promote an organisation you support.

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