GEF Forum Co-Creation Workshop

30 young entrepreneurs, practitioners and representatives from the public, private and social sectors followed the call to convene in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th of December 2010 around these 2 questions:

  • What are the needs of the young people to become active in the field of GreEn?
  • What initiatives can we catalyze to respond to their needs?

This is our collective harvest of these three days of co-creation:

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The GreEn Forum Workshop – The Movie:

The GreEn Forum Magazine:


Arnoud Raskin, Mobile School / Streetwize

The GreEn Forum Pictures:

Reports from the Open Space:

Welcome messages from Jakob von Uexküll & Maria Scordialos:

Interviews during the Networking event:

GreEn Workshop Documents:

  • GreEn Forum Co-Creation Workshop Orange magazine (small size) – download
  • GreEn Forum Co-Creation Workshop Backgrounder – download
  • GreEn Forum Co-Creation Workshop Programme – download
  • GreEn Forum Co-Creation Workshop Press Release – download

The GreEn Team would like to thank:

Generation Europe Foundation For its continued support and investment in this innovative, collaborative project! Hain Celestial Group, Lima Food For their delicious in-kind contribution which we will enjoy during our breaks Dianna Rienstra, Phoenix Ink Communications For her relentless constructive support on the communication of the Forum Jean-Louis Baudoin, Creative Consul Team For his attentive advice on the strategy of the Forum Arnoud Raskin, Mobile School / Streetwize For taking the time to share his passion and inspire through his great work Poonam Ahluwalia, Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (YES) For her warm encouragement and support to the Forum and belief in it! Jakob von Uexkull and Maria Scordialos For their inspirational work and encouragement to the initiative The Hub Brussels For making great people meet and for hosting the workshop Olivier Marquet, Triodos Bank Belgium For agreeing to play the game and wrapping up the networking event All Workshop 2010 Partners For collaborating, passing on the message and co-creating!

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